Floral Beauty 2015

by Bridal Manor
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on September 2014
Floral Beauty

Choosing your wedding theme, colours and flowers can be just as important as the dress so we’ve summarised 6 popular floral trends to expect for 2015 in case you were in need of some inspiration!

Flower Halo’s
It’s been a growing trend, mainly visible among your bohemian brides however it’s been on the increase and more and more brides are starting to embrace this trend.

Make it your own by tailoring your floral crown to suit your personality and wedding theme. Whether it be free spirited wild flowers like Spray Roses, Pom Pom Daisy’s and Blue Thistle flowers, a halo of soft gentle Baby’s Breath or perhaps even a lush arrangement of Roses and Hydrangeas it’s a trend we’ll definitely be seeing more of in 2015.

All Natural
This relaxed style allows for a free and peaceful vibe, you are guaranteed to see more centrepieces showcasing English garden style, mixed flowers. You can experiment with vibrant colours or play it safe with soft romantic pastels and a touch of green. Mixed Ferns, herbs, simple Daisy’s, garden Roses and Sweet Peas will be dominating elements in this trend.

Thinking outside the box
Flowers are mainly used for decor purposes, adding colour and atmosphere to a beautiful setting. An increasingly popular trend however and one which favours brides on a budget is the idea of having no flowers at all. Brides are embracing their creative side by playing around with artistic centrepieces, DIY projects and themed weddings. Bird Cages, raw branches, porcelain sculptures or herb themes is seen more and more. The best thing about this trend is the uniqueness behind it and the clear personal touch and attention to detail every bride invests in pulling off this exclusive look.

The Classic look
Don’t underestimate the art of “Less is more” make use of clean crisp lines and a minimalistic colour palette to create an ultra modern simplistic look. Elegant flowers like Calla Lilies, Tulips, Orchids and Roses will help achieve this look and by sticking to a single flower variety you’ll leave a lasting impression.

Muted Pastels
There’s just something about pastel colour palettes, it offers the flexibility to play around with a variety of tones, hues and floral arrangements. Any soft flower like your ever so popular Peony, Hydrangeas and Dahlias will compliment your pastel theme and enhance the romantic lush feeling you wish to achieve. Popular colours expected in 2015 are blush pink, soft peach and fresh lemon tones. 

Lavish Luxury
For brides with an unlimited budget, embracing the luxurious celeb-inspired lavish bouquets is a must! Over the top floral arrangements is a trend to be appreciated in 2015. Make a statement by minimising filler flowers and embrace a variety of extravagant blooms to make a statement.