Newly Engaged? Time for Wedding Dress Shopping!

June 2017

What are the steps you should take after the man you love asks you to marry him? First, you kiss him. Then you take a selfie. Oh and don’t forget to phone your mom! And then what? Wedding dress shopping, of course!

You have the ring and the handsome hubby-to-be but now you need a stunning couture dress to match it all. All brides-to-be want to be beautiful in a flattering gown on their wedding day and nothing brings a groom to tears (of joy!) faster than a bride wearing a Pronovia wedding dress.


You are picturing it, aren’t you? Don’t leave it in your imagination – choose from more than 40 uniquely stunning designs to wow your guests and reaffirm to the groom that he is a lucky man.

Photo Credit: Stella Uys


Provonia has put a spin on classic style wedding dresses and we love it. The Tatiana design sports a classic sculpted shape and a boat-neck with a cascading V-drop at the back which is embellished with jewels. It is timeless: the perfect touch to squeeze tears from the groom’s eyes – he won’t be able to help it! Audrey Hepburn, step aside. The boat-neck is turning heads.

Bridal Wear
For all you newly-engaged ladies looking to get married in the summer months, see the Estena design from Provonia wedding dresses. This is perfect for a beach wedding or one held during hot summer months.

If you’re after a new kind of look and don’t want to conform to classic shapes, this short dress with a gemstone embroidery overlay is the one for you.

Couture Wedding Dress

So, right after the important phone call to Mom, book a fitting for your wedding dress in Pretoria East and enjoy great service, a special experience and a garauntee of finding “the one” (only this time “the one” will be in the form of a wedding gown).