Jewellery for your Wedding Dress: Diamonds or Pearls?

by Jeanne Conradie
on May 2017
Diamonds and pearls alike carry symbols of status, purity and wealth. They are worn at weddings because the special occasion calls for some sparkle and luxury. But which do you choose for your wedding day? Pearls, diamonds or both?

Jewellery can change the way a bride looks in her wedding gown completely. Paired with a classic up-do, it can take a regular bride to an Audrey-Hepburn-eat-your-heart-out, queen!

Pearl Necklaces:

A pearl necklace can alter everything, as Lady Hepburn so elegantly demonstrates. If you have a low neckline, like a scoop or a V-neck dress, a pearl pendant can draw the eye and add a sophisticated finish to your bridal ensemble.

A string of pearls can deliver a punch of classic style to a bride’s collection. They are often passed down from mother to daughter, especially for her wedding day. You could even experiment with a pearl rope and different ways of draping or knotting the chain to match any style of neckline. 

Wedding Diamonds Vs Pearls

Diamond Necklaces:

If your dress’ neckline is embellished, you may want to skip a necklace altogether, especially one that is particularly ‘bling-y’. With a more demure or vintage wedding dress, you can choose a diamond necklace that draws the eye and ties your bridal look together. Sometimes less is more.

Pearl Earrings:

These are a time honoured classic with a wedding gown. It can accentuate the angular features of a woman’s face and the curves of her neck. This is considered the most attractive part of a woman by many people so to draw attention to it with a stunner pair of earrings is the way to go.

Classic Diamonds Vs Pearls

Diamond Earrings:

A beautiful pair of studs or elaborate dangling diamond earrings can accentuate a bride’s natural style and grace. With your hair up, a pair of elaborate earrings to draw the eye to the collar bones, especially with a sweetheart or sleeveless styles. A pair of large sparkling studs can elevate the bride’s look subtly.


You heard me ladies, why not incorporate the lavish jewels in with your bouquet? You might be less inclined to toss it over your head at the end of the night; but it can add an individual touch to your look as a bride.

So, pearls or diamonds? At the end of the day, every bride is unique. If you want to wear a diamond tiara, seven pearl necklaces and earrings, all power to you ladies! You will be beautiful in your wedding gown no matter what you choose to accessorise with.

Wedding Classic Diamonds Vs Pearls