4 Tips for Bringing Rose Gold into Your Wedding Dress

by Jade Ottavini
on April 2017

All-white wedding dresses are a timeless design trend, but brides all over the world are becoming more and more interested in spicing their dress style up with touches of rose gold detail. And they are smart to do so, because it looks absolutely stunning. Here are a few tips on how you can incorporate rose gold into your wedding day:

Modern or antique? 

You have to first decide what your overall wedding style is. For a modern and classic look, your rose gold should be of a shinier nature- consider something along the lines of sequence, or anything that shimmers. But for a vintage or rustic look, it’s better to use a flat, more subtle material. Working rose gold into finer detail in the trimmings works well here, too! 


Look at how stunning this Maggie Sottero and Midgley wedding dress captivates an antique style with its rose-gold influence and fine embellished detail. See more Sottero and Midgley wedding dresses.

Choose the right hue

What colour is rose gold really? Well, since its raising popularity, its variety of shade grew too. When discussing your wedding dress with your bridal assistant or wedding designer, make sure you know exactly what hue of rose gold you want. This ranges from blush-toned pink to yellowing gold.


See how this beautiful designer wedding dress has more of a champagne hue. Many people confuse the idea of rose-gold with something like this; be sure to tell your wedding dress designer exactly what kind of dress you want.  

Tame vs Wild

To what extreme do you want to explore rose-gold? If you want to use it only to accentuate some elements, then remain subtle. Maybe consider something simple like a rose gold waist belt, or spots of rose gold in your veil alone. But if you want the rose-gold to stand out as a main attraction, then choose a dress with detailed rose-gold embellishment in the bodice. 

This gorgeous designer wedding dress flaunts classy rose-gold throughout the whole dress in a beautiful ombre-influenced style. It’s the perfect balance between fine-drawn and regal. 


The golden thread

Make sure you bring rose-gold into other elements of your wedding day to round the classy image off nicely. Use brushes of rose gold in your wedding invitation, decorate your table settings with it, bring it into your cake design and let it find its way into the bride’s-maids’ dresses too!

However, what makes rose-gold so great, is that you don’t have to overdo the matchy-matchy look. You can be extremely subtle with rose-gold and it will still accentuate your dress like it should! So if you don’t want to make it your wedding theme colour, consider using it for smaller detail like candles, signature drinks, nails or even just the ring pillow. 


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