How To Protect The Bottom Of Your Designer Wedding Dress

by Kirstie Ricketts
on February 2017
Created: February 2017

Buying that beautiful, magical designer wedding dress is a feeling of absolute bliss. The excitement of carefully shimmying yourself into the immaculate, perfectly fitted dress is overwhelming. However, as exciting as the moment may be, the first thought I had as I stepped outside, enveloped in my beautiful gown, was how on earth am I going to keep the bottom of my dress clean?

This is not a thought that crosses our minds when selecting dresses with long trains and beautiful flowing designs, no… If your aim is to keep your dress in tip-top condition, then you may want to follow the tips below:


Attach a loop & button

Long trains are absolutely gorgeous on a wedding dress, however, they can get extremely dirty if you let them drag on the floor for the whole day. So, make sure your seamstress attaches a loop and button to your wedding dress and train so that you can attach the train to the back of your wedding dress. Best part is, once it’s hooked up, you won’t even notice that your dress has a train!

Remove shoes when putting on and taking off

A lot of the fabric used for wedding dresses is very delicate and can get ripped by shoes, especially ones with heels. Make sure you take off your shoes when you put on and take off your dress to keep the fabric from being ripped or marred.

Wear a bridal petticoat

A bridal petticoat will lift up the hem your wedding dress. These petticoats are generally inexpensive and totally worth it if you want to keep your dress in pristine condition.

Use a ground cover during your photo shoot

Cover an area you are planning to stand or sit on with a sheet or ground cover to prevent your dress from catching dirt or potentially ripping.

Walk with caution

If you see any rough/dirty ground, such as asphalt, dirt or puddles, make sure you either dodge the area completely or pick up the dress.

Use your bridesmaid team

Let you wonderful bridesmaids hold up the bottom of your dress and train when needed. They are sure to be more than happy to give you a hand to help you keep your dress in tip-top shape!

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