3 Dazzling Bridal Design Trends for 2017

by Jade Ottavini
on January 2017
Created: January 2017

Year after year style finds a new way to wow consumers. International designers manage to change the definition of extravagant every season and fashion manages to change its direction at the drop of a hat.

 But what about bridal design trends? How does the fashion industry influence a bride’s dress design if she only wishes to flaunt her individuality? Subtly is the secret. Don’t try force it all into one style- rather choose one design trend, and then wear it with grace! Here are 3 wedding dress design trends to choose from that will ensure that you are the belle of the ball:

Brighter is better

This year, designers like Naeem Khan (you know, the one who is famous for dressing Michelle Obama and Kate Middleton) are steering away from neutral palettes and bringing colour back with a boom. If having your whole dress a bright colour is too overwhelming, you could also just bring in pops of colour with oriental patterns, or bring pastel colours in through different layers of your dress.

Verda By Pronovias


Trending trains

This is not the first time that extravagant train dresses have taken bridal design trends by storm. Even Princess Diana’s wedding dress paraded high fashion some 40 years ago with its adorned train design. International designers are taking advantage of this timeless trend and bringing it back this year, with stunning pieces like this Verda dress from Pronovias.

Verda Back Of Dress

Elegance in embroidery

Artistry by seasoned experts has always shown attention to fine detail like embroidery. Although embroidery itself isn’t exactly a new trend, the way it is incorporated into designs this year is certainly new.  Designers are focusing on bringing pearls, crystals, gemstones and mother of pearls into off-shoulder sleeves and spaghetti straps, bunwraps, and fingertip veils. The Bridal Collection 2017 by Pronovias says that “fine fabrics, hand embroidery, and touches of gold are the main innovations of the 2017 wedding dress collection. A huge choice of styles with glorious details, particularly on the shoulder, waist, neckline and back”.

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