Choose The Perfect Shoes For Your Wedding Day

on September 2016

Every bride deserves to say “I Do” in style on her wedding day. This is why we suggest, or insist rather, that you purchase a pair of fabulous wedding shoes to match your wedding dress. Perhaps you, like many other brides, have been overwhelmed by the different wedding shoe options, namely: pointed pumps, lace-up sandals, heels, flats, flashed with diamante, brightly coloured platform heels, etc.

To avoid any mismatches, here are a few tips we have compiled to help you with your wedding shoe shopping:

Purchase your dress before purchasing shoes

Although many may disagree, your wedding dress is the focal point of your outfit, above your shoes and accessories. Your wedding gown should be more expensive than your wedding shoes, therefore, once you have found your perfect dress, you can find shoes to match the style, material, colour and shade of your dress.

Choose a style

There are so many classy wedding shoe styles to choose from, including satin wedges with a 5 cm low heel, pointy closed toe pumps adorned with intricate embellishments and lace, flat bedazzled pumps and elegant low heels with a peep toe. Adventurous brides may opt for bright-coloured or designer wedding shoes such as the sizzling-hot Antoinette heels or the drizzled-in-crystals Tanya heels. Make sure that you take shoes along to try on when you go for a dress fitting to see what type of shoes match your dress the best.

Choose a height

Some brides love heels while others dread them. Fortunately, there are beautiful flat wedding shoe options as well as short to tall heels options to choose from. Make sure you get your dress altered to the relevant length according to the height of your heels (if you have chosen to wear heels).

The colour white comes in multiple shades, for example, silk shoes are usually off-white while satin shoes are stark white. Try find a shade that matches your dress. Also, make sure the shoes’ embellishments match the overall style of your dress – you do not want a non-traditional dress matched with traditional wedding shoes, and vice versa. Embellishments should not tug on your dress’s hemline or clash with your dress’s embellishments in any way.

Don’t compromise your comfort

You have to be 100% comfortable in your wedding shoes – you don’t want to look like an awkward baby giraffe or fall flat on your face on your special day! Even though you may find a pair of shoes that are “to die for”, don’t kill yourself trying to walk in them for an entire day.

Also, make sure you wear your shoes in before your special day!