Your Winter Wedding Gown Guide

wedding gown
April 2016

Winter weddings are becoming increasingly more popular, making for cosier ceremonies and incorporating warm, natural elements into the venue – which means your dress should match the season. If you’re feeling a little bit lost as to where you should start in order to find the perfect winter wedding gown, look no further.


Here are a few tips to consider when putting together your overall winter wedding look:

1. Go big:

Summer weddings require light, breathable fabrics, regardless of how much you’d want to wear a big, puffy dress. If that’s what you’ve been dreaming of, now’s your chance to go big with a beautiful ball gown and own it.

Try these amazing designers: David Tutera, Maggie Sotterro

2. Choose sleeves:

This may seem like an obvious tip, but you’ll regret it if you forget. Long sleeves could seem old-fashioned, but it looks stunning if made from beautiful patterns of lace. However, if you feel like having a strapless dress and adding a removable sleeve, try a beaded lace and tulle jacket.

3. Try embellishments:

Add some colour by adding a pretty bow or a stunning floral velvet belt to break the white, especially if you’re planning on getting married in snow. Your dress will stand out and you’ll be a beautiful bride to remember.

4. Opt for thick satin:

Silk, satin, tulle as well as organza creates a light, cool feel – perfectly suited for summer weddings. Whereas thick satin and velvet gives a very soft and warm feel to a wedding gown. Go big and bold in a thick satin dress to keep you warm.

5. Cover your toes:

Keep your feet warm by choosing pretty pumps or heels with a closed toe to prevent the cold weather from creeping into your overall look. Not only will you be comfortable all night, but you’ll still look elegant.


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