Pronovias, Over 50 Years of Beautiful Bridal Gowns

March 2016

"For the future, Pronovias has an ambitious expansion project whose mission is to dress the dreams of the brides all over the world."

Pronovias is one of the most loved bridal brand names in the world. The brand has grown over the years and has become the leader in the bridal industry with 163 owned stores and 4000 sales points in 105 countries.

The beginning of the beloved wedding dress brand

Pronovias has been making brides’ dreams come true for over 50 years, but the origin of the Pronovias traditions go back even further.

Alberto Palatchi Bienveniste founded El Suizo in 1922. The prestigious store in Barcelona specialised in lace, high-quality silk fabrics and embroidery, which is reflected in Pronovias wedding dresses to this day.

In 1964, the company opened and launched its first collection of prêt-a-porter wedding gowns in Spain, and in 1968 bridal stores around Spain sprung up. Brides gratefully found their wedding dresses and accessories.

Pronovias went on to create unique styles matching the trends of the times.

Crossing borders

In 1980, the brand went international. Pronovias stores opened in Germany, UK, France, and Italy; the brand also began showing in Latin America.

The gorgeous collections

In 2014, the first collections were launched under licence. Hannibal Laguna, Miguel Palacio and Lidia Delgado are some of the designers that collaborated to produce the collections.

In 2008, the six-story flagship store opened in New York. In 2014, Pronovias launched the Atelier Pronovias Collection, which features exquisite lace, delicate silks, gauze, taffeta and lovely fabrics.

Bridal Manor loves selling Pronovias wedding dresses

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