A Justin Alexander kind of day to remember

February 2016

When it comes to finding “the one”, it can sometimes be easier than finding “the dress.” Certain brides-to-be visit bridal store after bridal store trying the find the one dress that speaks to her – only to find mediocre options. However, certain wedding gowns are simply timeless. Justin Alexander wedding gowns are perfect examples of just that.

Integrating the 1950’s and 60’s style into today’s fast-paced world, Justin Alexander has managed to make modern brides feel timeless!

Here are our top 5 picks:

  • #8827 Available colours: Ivory/Nude, White
    Toppic11 Toppic12

  • #8835 Available colours: Beige/Ivory, Ivory, White
    Toppic21 Toppic22

  • #8760 Available colours: Natural/Ivory, Oyster/Champagne
    Toppic31 Toppic32

  • #8659 Available colours: Alabaster, White
    Toppic41 Toppic42

  • #8465 Available colours: Coffee/Ivory, Natural/Ivory
    Toppic51 Toppic52

Now that you’ve found “the one”, visit Bridal Manor to find “the dress” to make your wedding a Justin Alexander kind of day to remember!

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