Wedding dress worries, and the solutions!

October 2015

Put your mind at ease before the big day with these simple precautions and solutions to your wedding dress worries.


Problem 1: you put on your wedding dress on your big day and, well…it’s not as pretty as you remembered. 

Solution: Look at your dress regularly, every day if you have to. This stops you from building up an unrealistic idea in your head and forgetting how it really looks. 

Problem 2: I spilt something on my dress. Red wine, lipstick, someone else’s dinner… well, anything can go wrong… But, while you may not be able to keep your wedding dress clean, you can always be prepared.

Solution: there are two solutions to this problem (if stain remover or a quick wipe with a damp cloth doesn’t work. Firstly, you can laugh it off, enjoy yourself, and accept that it is difficult to keep a white wedding dress white and have a good time. Secondly, you can have a spare/second dress to change into later on. Many brides prefer to change into a less elaborate, more practical, and easier-to-dance-in dress for the reception. 

Problem 3: oh no, I ripped my dress! A dress with a long train is especially easy to tear; someone can step on it or it can get caught up on any small object such as a floor nail, a door handle, etc.  

Solution: most small tears can be quickly mended with a needle and thread, simply make sure that someone close to you (such as bridesmaid or your mother) has a sewing kit handy. For more serious situations it is bets to know which of your guests is most handy with a needle (such a s a great aunt or fashion designer cousin) and ask them for some assistance. 

Problem 4: Your dress is uncomfortable… Whether you knew it was going to be uncomfortable but decided to suffer for beauty, or whether you are worried that things might get uncomfortable at some point, there are some precautions you can take. 

Solution. 1. Keep a simpler second outfit on hand for incase things become unbearable. 2. Make sure that you have very comfortable, supportive undergarments on. Your undergarments are the first layer of your wedding outfit and can make a huge difference when it comes to comfort.