Pronovias Wedding Dresses

September 2015

We continue to keep our commitment to completely satisfying our customers through our excellent quality designer wedding dresses.  Bridal Manor is proud to introduce the new collection of Pronovias wedding dresses.

We know that there is a different leading lady in every love story.  As such, there are different collections of gowns within a main collection.  The range is designed to enchant the classic and romantic bride and to captivate the bold, modern bride.  The magic of these wedding dresses showcases the expertise of the skilled seamstresses who create haute couture masterpieces from fine fabrics. 

The glamour collection features pastel-coloured dresses with wide skirts, remarkable gemstone embroidery and jewelled bodices.  These are perfect for the romantic bride who wants to bring her fairy-tale to life.

There are also figure-flattering gowns designed to fall naturally.  These dresses from the fashion collection are ideal for the sophisticated bride.  However, if you are a classic bride who prefers wide flowing skirts, long trains and fine fabrics, the couture collection could be perfect for you.

For the contemporary bride looking for something original and daring, the modern bride collection would be the best option.  It features bold wedding dresses and short gowns.  However, there are also simpler designs among this collection like the Mia and the Mijas.

With the separates collection, you have the option of getting a different look for the ceremony and the reception.  You can choose a long skirt for the ceremony and a shorter one for the dance floor.  This collection allows you to choose skirts and tops to create your own variations.  


The process of finding the perfect wedding dress can be quite daunting.  However, booking a fitting for Pronovias wedding dresses will greatly contribute to making the experience easier.  Our team of friendly bridal consultants will help you to find the perfect fit.