Wedding Dress Trends 2016

by Bridal Manor
in News
on September 2014

If you would like to make sure that your wedding dress is on trend for the latest 2016 styles to come, feel free to browse through our view on the latest 2016 Wedding Dress trends to expect! There’s something for everyone!

Illusion Necklines & Illusion Backs
A trend we’ll forever adore, the romantic and feminine Illusion necklines & Illusion Backs is here to stay. Seen on all runway’s, this season is filled with the most gorgeous designs, ranging from the most simplistic sheer tulle necklines to heavily beaded intricate motives which creates the illusion of a lace tattoo. Only once you take an up close look at the detail of the wedding dresses will you realize the genius behind the beautiful effect. This stunning trend allows designers to embrace plunging backs and deep V-necklines without compromising the fit of the gown. An interesting development when it comes to illusion detailing is the New Crystal Tulle now available, we’re noticing more and more designers embracing nude colored tulle instead of the normal ivory tulle which was more visible. The nude tulle enhances the illusion effect and creates endless design probabilities.

U-Shape Backs
An interesting new trend that we noticed is U-Shaped backs. This look delivers quite a modern twist to wedding dresses and even though it’s not necessarily everyone’s cup of tea we can definitely appreciate it for what it is. Usually paired with a high Boat neckline these U-Back shapes are finished off with either a heavily embellished border or a soft lace trim.

Plunging Necklines & Deep Sweethearts
Plunging necklines is one of the sexiest yet most elegant trends to be seen this season. This daring low-cut V-neck trend is either seen paired with high waist flared gowns to add some mystery to a very conservative look, especially in your satin and silk fabrics to create a clean, structured and very modern look. Or alternatively if you’re confident enough to embrace your curves and risk a little cleavage you can opt for the beautifully fitted silhouettes framed with a low plunging sweetheart neckline, just stunning!

Boat Necklines
This conservative yet ultra-modern neckline is on the rise this season. Boat necklines can be defined as a high neckline with a square finish. Designed with delicate Chantilly lace, embellished Illusion necklines or structured satin and silk, you’ll find it combined with a variety of silhouettes finished off with a daring low back almost every time.

Nude & Beige Gowns
Nude gowns can be defined as an attempt to create the illusion of lace only against your skin. This is done by embracing nude or beige linings with a contrasting Ivory or White lace. If you haven’t seen it yet it’s about time that you do – it’s a stunning trend. You have the advantage of appreciating the lace so much more and you end up adding a slightly sexy element to your dress, definitely something different, we’re absolutely crazy about this look. 

High Waist Gowns
Never underestimate the elegance of a high waist ball gown, if you want a WOW dress, this is your go-to silhouette. It’s also the one silhouette that will give you the ultimate Bride feeling and you can have so much fun in it. Seen everywhere throughout the 2016 ranges, high waists was featured in a variety of fabrics & necklines, usually finished off with a waist belt to emphasize your tiny waist. If you love the silhouette you’ll be sure to find detailing to suit your personality, the possibilities are endless!

Layering of lace
If vintage is your theme then you’ll easily fall in love with the latest layering trend seen in the latest 2016 gowns. Textures is embraced by layering not only one or two varieties of lace but even three lace layers in some cases. Soft Chantilly laces are paired with prominent Venice and corded lace to create a mesmerizing 3D look. You’ll find a number of very simplistic silhouettes only to be livened up with layer after layer of lace and sequence detailing. Absolutely gorgeous!

Soft ruffles was seen in every silhouette imaginable, fit and flare, high waist, dropped waist and classic ball gowns. Paired with heavily embellished bodices we found the end result to be magical and extremely glamorous. These were the show stoppers on the runway and we adored this playful princess look.

Long Sleeves
Even though South Africa has a limited time frame to embrace long sleeved wedding gowns, if you have the opportunity to, it is an absolute must! It adds such a feminine flare to your gown and with the latest nude tulle and embellished motif detailing down the length of your arm you can create such a stunning effect.

Detachable Bolero’s
Still on the rise and probably one of the most evolutionary trends in wedding gowns is the wonderful invention of detachable bolero’s or jackets. Most of the time you’ll find lace detailed bolero’s to blend into your gown by overlapping over your dress, designers has now invented a tucked in bolero which then blends into your gown seamlessly. Nobody would ever guess that it’s separate to your beautiful dress and the great thing is the option of being able to remove it to return to an elegant strapless gown.

Mullet dresses & Tea Length Gowns
Why not go for something completely different and embrace a shorter wedding dress? If you’re not familiar with it yet we would like to introduce Tea-Length gowns, they’re shortened until just below the knee, leaving you with an extremely feminine look. Alternatively if you adore this trend but you’re not quite ready to let go of your once in a lifetime opportunity to wear a dress with a train, opt for a Mullet style gown. Cute and short in front and dramatically elegant at the back – we just love it! 

We hope our view on the latest trends inspires you to find a style perfect for you!