Transform Your Wedding Dress...

by Bridal Manor
in News
on September 2014

Getting married is such a significant celebration and in most cases it only happens once in your life. It’s a day filled with a number of choices you only get to make once in your life. 

Like choosing the correct color scheme, the perfect photographer, your bridesmaids, their dresses, your flowers and of course most significant of all, Your Dress… You only get to choose One Dress that will make you feel like the most beautiful girl in the world, no pressure right…

That’s why we would like to give you a couple of tips to relieve the stress of choosing only One Look for your Big day. Why not indulge in dressing up and dressing down to make things more interesting… Even though we all would love to choose more than one dress for the big day, financially it isn't always possible. Therefore we would like to introduce you to Bridal Accessories, it will change your whole look while still keeping your budget in mind. The great thing about it is that everything is detachable so you don’t have to commit to One look only.

Start off with choosing a dress that’s simplistic yet still something that excites you , a blank canvas that’ll make you feel like the stunning Bride you deserve to be. Then ask your consultant to show you a couple of complementary accessories.


First off make an impression by embracing a Bolero, unsure of what we’re talking about, it’s a little jacket mostly available in delicate tulle or a complementary lace which with little effort can transform a look completely. Add a little drama with an illusion neckline, a sexy off the shoulder sleeve or bling up your dress with a touch of sparkle. The possibilities are endless…

Detachable Skirts
Detachable Lace or layered ruffle skirts is an uprising trend to be seen in the 2016 collections. This is a practical, fun and beautiful trend all in one. The skirts are easily added by tying it with a ribbon around your natural waist over your fitted dress. You get to have the chance of wearing both a fun ruffled flared skirt and afterwards surprise everyone with a sexy fit and flare silhouette to show off your curves you've worked so hard for. That way you don’t have to make the impossible choice of choosing between the Princess look we all love or rather the Elegant and flattering figure hugging styles. You get to do both!

Detachable Sleeves
Then there’s dainty little sleeves which can easily make the worlds difference, if you initially chose a strapless dress be a little daring and fit a sleeve or two to see what it does to your dress. You never know, you might just be surprised at what a little detailed strap or sleeve can do to your dress.

Lace Overlay Dresses
Another bold trend on the up rise is romantic lace overlay’s, start off with a sleek satin slip dress and change your look completely by layering it with a lace overlay dress of your choice! It immediately transforms the look from an elegant lustrous design to a soft and dreamy look, we adore this trend! You can even layer a minimalist lace gown with a second layer of lace to create a rich opulent design.

Detachable Embellished Belt
Lastly add a beautiful embellished belt, you can incorporate your color scheme, do a bold jewel embellishment or a simplistic girly bow to round off a look. 

When it comes to Bridal Accessories you can either start off the day with the complete look and dress down as the night continues. Or if you’d like to keep the surprises coming add the accessories just before you make your first entrance as the new Mrs…