Wedding trends in 2015

by Bridal Manor
in News
on September 2014

We handpicked the upcoming Top Wedding Dress Trends so you can know what to expect in 2015.

Less is more this season
While we’ll always have an appreciation for lace and embellishments this season will also introduce styles for your minimalist Brides. Sleek and modern styles will be seen offering classic, clean lines and sleek silhouettes, perfect for a bride longing for a comfortable yet chic look.

Nude Lace Gowns
An increasingly popular design seen all over runways for this season is naked lace gowns. Basically consisting of skin tight, nude colored gowns with contrasting delicately placed lace applique overlay’s that create a sexy, mysterious yet intriguingly elegant effect. Looking to Wow your guests – this is the way to do it!

The detail is in the Neckline
Yearning for something different to sweetheart or strapless necklines, why not opt for a feminine Illusion neckline, whether it is a sheer tulle neckline or lace applique detailing you get to add so much more to your dress. You can play around with different shapes like your Bateau, V-neck, Curved, Off-Shoulder or even Plunging Necklines. Find a shape perfect for your personality and style!

Sexy Off-shoulder
A sleeve trend that’s been heavily neglected is finally making her appearance again. More and more off-shoulder gowns and boleros will be seen in the season to come. Once again offering variety to usual strapless necklines and giving a sexy, yet classic edge to your gown.

Colored gowns
It’s official, wedding dresses are no longer simply white, you’ll notice an increasing amount of color influences and non-traditional looks. We’ve seen a number of Gold, Alabaster, Sea Mist and the ever so popular Blush color tones incorporated into the latest designs.

Lacy Sleeves
A vintage trend on the rise is long or 3⁄4 lace and sheer sleeves. It’s a detail that can easily be added to any dress and it makes the world’s difference. Such a feminine style and one that is definitely welcomed back.

Low Cut and Illusion backs
These day’s you’ll notice that the back of your gown might steal the attention away from the front view of your gown with designers spoiling us with a variety of interesting back designs. Whether it’s a low cut back finished off with embellished detailing and lace trimmings or an illusion back covered in sheer tulle and exquisite buttons, we’re loving this trend. 

There’s a reason why strapless and sweetheart gowns has always remain a popular choice as it’s the safe choice and a style that compliments most. However with the option of detachable bolero’s and jackets you now have the opportunity to add a little bit more to your dress without the commitment of having to wear it throughout the whole night. With this flexible trend you can embrace best of both worlds.