Wedding Dresses

December 2014

Bridal Gowns – Choose Your Wedding Dress Style

Start shopping for wedding dresses at least eight months before the actual wedding date. You can save a lot of time and effort by simply browsing through our online gallery and making an appointment for fitting stunning dresses at Bridal Manor.



We charge a fitment fee for the appointment time. During this appointment, you can fit as many dresses as you like and you get a free fitment session for all the quoted garments. You’ll have our undivided attention and of course, access to our expertise in selecting a garment that will fit your budget, theme, and physical attributes. We share a few tips below on the bridal gown styles to help you get started.





Perhaps the best known of all the styles, the A-line as the name suggests, doesn’t have a defined waist. The seams are vertical and start to flow from the shoulders downwards to eventually become a skirt in an A shape. This is a great style if you want to hide some extra body weight around the mid-section. The A-line is also well-suited for the more formal wedding.  The style is often called the princess-cut because of the fairy-tale look of the garment. Some of the A-line dresses come with a fitted waist and this is the style to select whether your body profile is reverse triangle, apple, pear, rectangle or hourglass.




The ballroom bridal gown features a tight corset with a skirt that flares out almost like a waterfall going over a cliff. It is almost always full-length and considered suitable for formal weddings. Often referred to as the Basque style, when it comes down from the natural waistline in an outwards triangle the gown reminds of the classic styled garments worn during the Baroque period. The style is well-suited for someone with a small waist.




The empire waist style crops just underneath the bust line and then flares out. It is well-suited for brides with large waist-lines and busts. If you have a thin waistline, rather opt for another style than hiding it with the empire silhouette.




The style is well-suited for someone with an hour-glass figure. Like the sheath it features a tight fit, but has a trumpet-like bottom flare which reminds of a mermaid’s tail. This dress style is best for the hour-glass figure with taller brides benefitting most from its aesthetic features.




The style has a close-fit without any waistline and is a popular style for the thinner bride.  It looks similar to the mermaid style, but doesn’t have the trumpet flare at the bottom.



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