Meet Sophia Apostolides

August 2017
Sophia Apostolides was exposed to dressmaking at a young age. She used to select her own fabrics to make up her personal and unique wardrobe when she was but a girl. Fashion forms part of her fundamental make-up.  She is not just a seamstress. She is every bride that wears her designs. She is you, she is me, and she is femininity. 
The Sophia Tolli Bridal Collection
After gaining invaluable experience in the bridal industry, Sophia established the Sophia Tolli collection. The year 2006 saw the introduction of unrivalled craftsmanship and flawless fit. This collection has a nature of its own. The bridal gowns are true show-stoppers. But their beauty is transcendent; their beauty is human.  See for yourself by becoming acquainted with Sophia Tolli’s collection:

There’s Jillian

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Jillian is elegant. She demands your attention without so much as raising her voice – it is by the lace and misty tulle alone that she captures an audience. An A-line gown can be straightforward but with Jillian this is softened by elaborate yet tasteful hand-placed lace.  She is a silky echo, reverberating and apparent, while graceful intricacies cascade gently from her collar bone. The band at the waist renders perfect proportion. Jillian is not too much of anything but more lavish than most. 
Then there’s Prinia

2 Wedding Dress Designs South Africa
Delicate as a songbird, Prinia’s lace applique suggests she is about to take flight. But do not underestimate her vigour. The dropped waist and hand-sewn detailing adorn her in confidence. Corset or zipper, she is strong and radiant and ferociously feminine.
And Joanne

3 Wedding Dress Designs South Africa
Everyone admires – and some envy – Joanne for her individuality. She floats into a room as though fuelled by an ethereal chiffon power.  See her from the front and you’re amazed at her deep-V bodice; move to the back and it’s a hand-beaded illusion. Detailed crystal buttons are grounding for Joanne however she remains a sleeveless, whimsical marvel. 
And finally, Augusta

4 Wedding Dress Designs South Africa
They say everyone loves Augusta. She has a presence that suits all tastes. Where subtlety is required, she highlights her slim A-line chiffon gown and delicate lace-trimmed shoulder straps. When asked to address a big crowd, she showcases a dramatic sheer back and a plunging V-neckline. And because she knows that variations in hue can be defining features, she is comfortable in white or in ivory – just as you please. 
Now that you know them, you have gained insights into Sophia herself. You can truly embody the style you decide to adopt on your illustrious day.