How to resell your designer wedding dress at Bridal Manor

by Jade Ottavini
on March 2017

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about our dress resale option lately, and so we decided to put together a little guide to help you! We also put this together to help brides-to-be understand that our pre-owned dresses are still loved dearly.

Here is everything you need to know about reselling your gorgeous designer dress after your grand wedding day.

- This service is for Bridal manor clients only. Even if we stock your dress’s designer label, if you did not buy it from us, we cannot resell it for you.

- You can change your mind about selling your dress whenever you want. We don’t need to know beforehand if you want to sell it back, nor will we hold it against you if you decide after the wedding to rather keep it. As long as it is in tip-top condition, you can decide to bring it to us anytime!

- If you dropped your dress off to be resold, but end up tossing and turning at night thinking about it, you are more than welcome to just come pick it up again. We understand, it’s easy to get attached!  

- We will keep your dress in our store too for up to 6 months (we can negotiate this again later). As soon as the dress gets sold, we will notify you and you will get 50% of the sales price. Surprise spending money, right?!

- The dress has to be in excellent condition before we take it from you. We do not have a cleaning service; you are responsible for dry cleaning your dress. We cannot accept a dress if it has any stains, tears, holes or damage of any sort. 

We are quite vigilant about the condition of our preloved dresses. We want the next bride-to-be to fall in love with her wedding dress just as much as the previous, now happily married, owner. We also love our wedding dresses too much to rent them out; so preloved buyers can be sure that their dresses are still unique and precious.

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