January 2018
In 2018 there are a few wedding dress trends that are going to be taking over the Bridal Industry. Here is our lowdown on all things bridal that you should consider for your big day. We’re talking plunging necklines, belts, lace, and even two-tones… 

August 2017
Sophia Apostolides was exposed to dressmaking at a young age. She used to select her own fabrics to make up her personal and unique wardrobe when she was but a girl. Fashion forms part of her fundamental make-up.  She is not just a seamstress. She is every bride that wears her designs. She is you, she is me, and she is femininity. 
February 2018

Many people think wedding dress shopping is no different to shopping for a Matric Farewell or special occasion dress. They can however, not be more wrong!

August 2017

Never make excuses for what you like and what you don’t like when it comes to the design of your wedding dress. Some women adore stark white gowns while others prefer to wed in a soft champaign, some prefer diamonds and others prefer pearls. What if you aren’t much of a jewellery kind of woman but you want more of a subtle sparkle on your wedding day? If you aren’t sure how to execute it; you don’t have to wear an over the top diamond necklace or 100 pearls in your hair. With one of these Sophia Tolli dresses now available in South Africa, you can still get your bling fix without outshining your personality:

March 2018

The biggest confusion around a wedding dress, we find, is the fabric it’s made of.

September 2014

We handpicked the upcoming Top Wedding Dress Trends so you can know what to expect in 2015.

October 2017

When quality and perfection are what matters most, only the world’s best will do

Dr Seuss, the author of so many creative lessons for children, also had great wisdom to offer grown-ups: “You know you’re in love,” he said, “when you don’t want to fall asleep, because reality is finally better than your dreams.” Finding the love of your life and planning the perfect wedding is a dream come true, but it can also turn a bride-to-be’s life into a nightmare of organisation.

July 2017

When choosing a wedding dress many women do not consider what sleeves can add to their look. The couture wedding dress sleeve is making a comeback and the modern twists are simply irresistible. 

August 2017

Bridal Manor Wedding Dress Saves Day for Pretoria Princess

Once upon a time, there was a Pretoria princess...

...who needed a wedding dress worthy of a queen. After a few mortifying misunderstandings on Google, she turned Safe Search on and was getting much better results, when she was distracted by a call from the caterer about the cake.

Yes, the princess explained patiently for the third time, the little statue of the groom had to be wearing a Springbok jersey; her future father-in-law had insisted. As the call ended, she was struck by a brainwave... teamwork – of course!

July 2017

It"s the look of the early 21st century! Back in the 20th century woman chose wedding gowns with a little less shape but as time progressed we discovered the mermaid gown. This year Justin Alexander blew us away with a range of stunning mermaid wedding dresses. Here are the most elegant, fashionable and flattering designer dresses for your 2017/18 wedding: